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Email Marketing Foundation Course

Learn how to create and grow your email list and start engaging your audience with valuable targeted message, producing measurable result. 

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About This Course 

Course Description

Email is the most cost effective when compared to all form of digital marketing. It is a powerful tool for engaging new customers, retaining existing customers and building customer value. In this course you will learn how to find, engage and convert new lead right from their inbox. This course will also train you on advanced email strategies, setting realistic targets and designing engaging contents.

 What Are The Requirements?

  • An understanding of how the internet and email works

 What am I going to get from this course?

  • Familiarizing the features of email marketing - Mailing list, Spam, landing page, email metrics and marketing automation. 
  • Planning and implementing effective email marketing campaigns.
  • Improving conversions for brands and products through email communication.
  • Integrating your email campaign which your business strategy 


Email Marketing Curriculum

Email marketing used to be a spammy channel, but it’s making a big comeback. Nearly 60% of consumers check their email first thing in the morning. Half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. And 77% of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages through email. These stats prove that email is a powerful channel. See why email should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy as you learn the foundations surrounding the discipline.

Spam is without a doubt the biggest problem with Email Marketing. For many years, consumers viewed email marketing as a very spammy channel. Since then, spam filters have become more sophisticated and anti-spam laws have grown more stringent. For better or for worse, spam is a very real issue in email, and as a marketer it is your responsibility to stay on the right side of the line. In this module, see how the history of spam has shaped current spam laws, and learn how to avoid having messages marked as spam.

The consumers who find value in reading and acting on your marketing messages are among the most valuable prospects for your business. These consumers make up your list. Growing and maintaining a good email list is hard. It requires creativity and discipline to gain subscribers and to keep them excited about receiving your email messages. In this module, discover how list building and list management are key parts of your email marketing program.

You can’t make a sale by having a clever email address; however, your email address can clearly tell the recipient who you are. Then, the subject line can entice the recipient to open the email. And finally, the email can drive the recipient to make an action. All of the elements in your email must act together to deliver your message. Throughout this module, learn how to identify the various elements of an email and define the purpose of each element. Take hold of your message and make sure each element of your email moves the recipient toward your final goal.

At each stage of the email funnel is an opportunity to improve and optimize your campaign, and that all starts with measurement. To evaluate subject lines and the pre-header, you can measure the open rate. To evaluate the email copy, you can measure the click-through rate. To evaluate the landing page, you can measure the conversion rate. Metrics like these create a path for you to optimize and improve your email campaigns. See why measurement is a critical part of your email program, and learn how measurement can lead you toward optimization.

With improved technology and an ever-expanding wealth of information, marketing messages can now be more personalized and automated than ever before. By collecting data about your customers' browsing history, past purchases, and your purchase date, you can craft personalized messages the really speak to the customer. See how marketing automation has changed the way business speak to customers online.


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