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Mobile Marketing Foundations Course

Learn to be efficient in driving sales, engagement and customer loyalty through mobile devices.

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About This Course 

Course Description

Every business has customers or prospects who spend time and money on mobile. With Mobile consumption increasing and playing and playing key role in building brand awareness and generating demand. In this specialization course you will master tools and techniques required to be a successful Mobile marketer. You will also learn a set of practices that will enable your business communicate and engage with consumers in an interactive and relevant manner, through and with Mobile devices and network 

 What Are The Requirements?

  • The Basics of Web Development.
  • A keen interest mobile marketing strategies.

 What am I going to get from this course?

  • Familiarized and master Mobile marketing tools and techniques 
  • Leveraging on mobile platforms to increase campaign reach
  • Increasing mobile lead generation and conversion for your brand and products


Mobile Marketing Curriculum

This module lays out the mobile landscape and defines key concepts used throughout the mobile marketing discipline. With your audience always connected with their mobile devices, Here we learn to take advantage of a sound mobile marketing strategies and tactics to promote your business. 

Mobile channels like Mobile apps, Text messaging and Multi-media messaging are platforms to reach mobile users. This module will teach you how to use these mobile channels effectively to create an engaged audience.

Mobile devices are personal and always on, meaning messages sent through mobile are read and acted upon within minutes. In this section, discover how incentive programs keep your audience excited about your next deal or offer.

Mobile marketing enables advertisers to target users based on their location. With enticing offers and discount you can target a mobile user who is located close to your store. This section talk about how location targeting can be utilized to reach users when they are in a place to make a purchase

Mobile advertising is often a way to break into the view of mobile users as they use their mobile devices. Often, this first contact can set the stage for how you interact with a mobile user. From text ads to banner ads to interstitials and full-page takeovers, see how mobile ads can get your message in front of the right users in an engaging and powerful way.

Mobile audiences are looking for very different things from a desktop user. Shorter and more relevant is part of what mobile users look for. They also very much prefer choice on their personalized mobile device, and they expect brands to understand this. Throughout this section, discover the characteristics that define a mobile user's activity.

The mobile marketing world has learned a lot from other digital marketing disciplines. In particular, mobile consumers have spoken up about their disdain for spam and unwanted commercial contact. As a result, rules and regulations have been established that prevent unwanted mobile marketing to protect consumers. These regulations must be considered before the launch of a mobile marketing campaign. In many ways, these rules only reinforce the best practices behind targeting the right consumers. Learn how these rules affect your marketing program, and make sure you’re following the rules that apply to your mobile campaigns.

Mobile measurement is still in its infancy, and since it is so new, reliable numbers can be inconsistent; however, it is still highly useful when leveraged effectively. In this lesson, we covers the inhibitors of mobile analytics as well as the current possibilities available for measuring mobile campaigns.


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