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Our Internet marketing team provides time tested methods for researching your industry and determining the best keywords to use for your website. These keywords and phrases, along with website formatting practices and real-time website maintenance tools, work together to improve your search engine ranking and bring you business.

Edubridge Internet Marketing Services are monthly contributions that drive your content. Our inclusive and targeted approach works aggressively to increase the ranking of your website and bring you qualified visitors.

Edubridge consultants limited provides a competitive edge through on-line marketing for your organizations.We are dynamic in executing our services with our past and present customers.The benefits for advertising on web media especially the  social media is unequal to the traditional media in view of the following point;

Cost Effective:
Online advertisement or marketing, is comparatively cheaper to compared with some other traditional methods like television and print.

The coverage for online marketing is National. Compared to any other national platform, online advertisement is far cheap.

Online advertising is target-able in both location and demographically using computer programming. This also made possible by the power of social network.

Online marketing when planned and integrated with social network is extremely viral. ie can spread like wild fire!

The online advertisement platform allow you to make informed marketing decision you the real-time performance feedback of your marketing instrument. Your are able to adjust or withdraw any given methodology at anytime based on Business intelligent reports.

Customer Engagement:
Social media offers your organisation the opportunity to engage both your prospective and current customers interactively.

Online advertisement and a mix of social media strategy is an easy means to build brand affinity and loyalty.

Online advertisement can promote both offline and online sales, thereby increasing your bottom-line.

Google Adword Management Service:

We offer professional Third Party Google Adwords Management, we help our client make the best decision in terms of budgeting and optimisation, key word research and targeted placement using our vest industry experience. For Additional information on making the most of your Google Ads Please visit Working with Third-Parties