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Social Media Marketing - A Complete Foundation Course

This is a comprehensive social media marketing course, Learn everything from Twitter and Facebook to blogging, social media automation and Google+

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Course Description

Social Media Marketing has become a worldwide trend in which businesses and organisations connect with their customer. Here you will learn to match market goals to Social strategies to profitably grow businesses and improve your career. With Social Media tools and platforms you will learn to design, manage and optimize campaign to promote growth and position your brand in the global marketplace.

 What Are The Requirements?

  • Burning Desire to Learn.

 What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the landscape of social channels
  • Create and evaluate a comprehensive social media marketing strategy
  • Build well thought out content plan for blogs and Social channels
  • Understand the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Blogging


Social media curriculum

Social Media presents an opportunity for brands to establish a personality, and relate to customers in a very personal fashion. Further, Social Media encourages word-of-mouth recommendations in a way that is measurable. In this module, we will introduce Social Media and the opportunities brands have for leveraging those channels, tools, and strategies for business purposes.

We’ve all seen examples of social campaigns that have gone viral. And with every campaign we hope to find a path for it to spread. That said, Social Media success, whether a campaign goes viral or not, hinges on a campaign being shared across multiple Social Media channels. Consumers who share content across Social Media have very specific reasons for sharing, including the desire to spread knowledge, to boast, or to share a passion. This module covers why only some viral marketing campaigns actually see success and how particular traits increase the likelihood that a campaign will spread virally.

As everyone knows who begins the deep dive into Social Media, there are literally dozens and dozens of channels from which to choose. From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to the many smaller channels, it’s important to find the specific channels that work for your individual company. And since every Social Media channel is different, each one requires a tailored approach that leverages the opportunities and unique characteristics of that particular channel. In this module you have an opportunity to discover which channels are important and popular in the social media landscape, and learn the basics of creating valuable interactions through each of them.

Effective Social Media Marketing is all about facilitating message-sharing among your targeted audience. The more that the right people are talking about your products and services, the more likely it is these people will become your customers. How do you get people to talk about your products? Much of the online discourse is started through influencers, or highly-followed individuals who educate their own followers about trends, companies, products, and services. This module dives into how you can find and identify key influencers and then reach out to them so that they share your message.

Social media conversations will naturally happen for any and every brand that does business online or offline. Eventually, someone will lodge a complaint, leave a bad review about your company, or simply comment about your business. The key to these situations is in understanding where to find these conversations and how to react to them appropriately. In this module, Jennifer covers the complex and often nuanced world of customer interaction. When the whole online world can watch, it’s important to handle every situation with careful consideration.

Only 22% of businesses are actually measuring the profitability of their Social Media marketing programs. This means almost 80% are participating in Social Media just because someone said it was important. Measuring the results of your efforts provides an opportunity to ensure that your Social Media program is actually focusing on valuable channels, and that your efforts are worthy of additional resources. In this module, Jennifer covers the three areas to focus on when measuring Social Media efforts and where to start measuring.


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