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Consumers don’t wait till they get home to share their experiences -- good or bad -- on social media.

They do it right now, on the go, from laptops, tablets, and phones. Harness that power for good, and you’ll become a great online marketer who’s an asset to any company.

With the Social Media & Mobile Marketing Professional Concentration, you’ll start by learning the landscape of online marketing with the Fundamentals Course; then dive deep into making mobile and social work in your favor.

Learn to find, engage, convert, and measure your audience where they live, and become an expert on the guidelines, opportunities, and strategies critical to creating effective campaigns.

Master the art of generating content that social audiences will love to share with their own social audiences, and they’ll help spread your message.

When you can engage consumers where they are, speak their language, and create a connection, they’ll love your company, and your company will love you.

This course qualifies graduates for OMCP® Certification.

Course Modules:

  • Online Marketing Fundamentals
  • Social Media Practitioner – OMCP
  • Mobile Marketing Practitioner – OMCP
  • YouTube Marketing – required short course
  • Facebook Advertising – required short course