4 Reason why WireFrame is Important during Website or Mobile App Development

4 Reason why WireFrame is Important during Website or Mobile App Development

Hi guys, do you know that a well produced, quality wireframe is a critical phase in the creative process and could make all the difference while working with different stakeholders? This question is relevant in this part of the world where due process and step by step approach is neglected. The need to create an acceptable blueprint for any website which would aid users accessibility has become germain in this ever innovative world. Please allow me to explore the “what” and “How” of wireframes briefly before talking about the “Why”.


What is Wireframe

Wireframes are the foundation on which to begin building your website or mobile App. It is often a simple sketch that shows the navigation, the main buttons, the columns, the placing of different elements in a Website or Mobile Application. A wireframe is a very basic layout of a web page that includes no color, no imagery and, in some few cases, no text.


How to use Wireframes

Since the goal of any wireframe is to "fit" the elements into a layout, not indicate how elements may actually appear in a final design, only where they will be located, a simple pencil sketch may suffice. In addition, there are some tools that make the process of wireframing easy, these tools include Axure, Balsamiq Mockups, Google Draw, Visio e.t.c. Creating wireframes using software makes the iterative process inherent in web design much less of a chore.


Why Wireframes are Important in Design Process Of Website/Mobile Apps

So, why do designers set out creating the skeleton for their new website or Mobile App project with wireframing? Why don’t they simply jump into the fun stuff by creating beautiful and detailed designs from scratch? The answer isn’t far fetched. Most clients might  become problematic in the course of the design process and sometimes the developers themselves lose focus on the project.


Without the distractions of Colour, Imagery, and fonts, designers just focus on the underlying elements of the project. Thus, they have the chance to focus on the most important aspect of design-User Experience- which is essential from Conversion to Customer Loyalty.


Without further Ado, i’ll delve into the 5 reasons Wireframing has been seen as an important part of the Design process for Website and Mobile Apps Development.


1. Wireframe Outlines Features and Functionality

Clients are most often taken by surprise when they see their fully developed site as some of the features used by the developers doesn’t resonate with what they feel was discussed during project briefing. Wireframes has come to the rescue as it is essential to matching the client’s vision with the developers’. It's similar to giving an interior decorator a chance to see the room, make a note of the dimensions, placement of the doors and windows and see if there are any angles that need to be addressed before having him/her bring in furniture or wall decorations that don't fit.


2. Wireframe Defines Information Hierarchy

Wireframe is a skeletal framework that defines how information would be outlined on a website or Mobile Application. Smart Developers in recent years have realised the importance of drawing a wireframe before any developmental process as this aids efficiency and organisation.


3. Wireframe Gives Clarification to Layout and Navigation

Having a schematic overview of  a website or Mobile App Layout before development keeps the developer and the clients in one page. Navigation is often taken for granted, but it plays a crucial role in getting site visitors to view more than just the home page. If navigation choices are unclear, visitors may elect to hit the “Back” button on their first (and final) visit to a Web site. Thus, having a wireframe detailing the Layout and Navigation of your Website or Mobile App would give understanding to the users of the organogram of the site or App and help to define contents that would be suitable.


4. Wireframes Pushes User Experience to the Forefront

User experience design is a method of increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving usability and enjoyment in the interaction between the customer and the site, app, and product. In this modern era, i personally believe that the customer (user) is the king in the design of any product, which is where wireframing come in. Navigations and Layouts, Information hierarchy, functionality and features, Interface Elements and Contents are all done to make users have a good experience and overall perform profitable action.


In summary as a content marketer, watching designers draw out a visual representation of the site and sitting to review with a broader team and the clients has made me realise that the importance of wireframes in the developmental processes of Website and Mobile Applications can never be overemphasized. If you’re a designer or developer, i would love to hear from you on how wireframes has helped your efficiency. Feel free to ask questions also. For now…. Have a great week ahead.




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