4 ways to generate sales with chatbots

4 ways to generate sales with chatbots

I never really wanted to buy. I just wanted to take a tour of the watch shop. Truth be told, I’ve got a great deal of interest in timepieces. Quietly admiring some “A. Lange & Sohne” collections, a young and pretty lady, furnished with a gorgeously charming and melodic voice, interrupted my musings, saying “Hello sir, My name is Chappy and you’ve got a whole lot of history on your hands”. I was enchanted with her knowledge of history. Her every answer to my variety of questions enthralling, charming me, poco a poco, until I made a decision to buy. I really didn’t buy just the A.Lange & Sohne watch, I bought value, history, catalyzed by the competent, friendly and ever-present personality-Chappy-, who led me through the buying funnel.

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That was my experience at an offline “brick and mortar” store!!! Chappy aided my decision making. For an online store, who/what will aid the decision making of a website visitor? Do you know that 99% of your first-time website visitors are not ready to buy? How then does a marketer recognize their prospects’ intent, nurture them through their evaluation process, and deliver high quality leads to their sales team so they can close the deal.

The availability of a simple software called chatbots that can respond to consumer prompts within a messaging platform or texts on a website can be likened to Chappy. How can a chatbot be used, stylishly, consciously and meticulously by brands to increase sales from website visitors?

1. Initiate and Automate Conversations

Hope you still remember how the conversation at the watch shop was initiated. Chappy watched my move, studied the product that got my attention and all of a sudden she gave my silent imaginations an aircraft to fly out. Initiating conversation at the right time -either when an online user stays so long on a website without performing an action or unsuccessfully trying to perform an action- is critical to converting a visitor to a customer.

Chatbots have a variety of automation tools designed to help you get the most out of your sales and service teams by easily and smoothly moving conversations between automated bots and live agents.

2. Listen, Answer and ACT

Chatbots have been built to recognize keywords and understand natural languages. Having chatbots on your website gives you an opportunity to listen to your customers. The bots are programmed to automatically responds to complaints and queries while escalating to a human when the need arises.

Learning to time your conversations, observing the user and playing smart is instrumental in achieving a profitable decision making by users. An insight into the user behavior online and reading in between the lines during conversation is vital to discover their pain points and thus, help in offering tailored personalized products/service recommendation. Friendly conversation reveal deep insight and helps to take Action

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3. Gather and Analyse Customer Feedback and Data

Your chatbot offers the perfect opportunity for you to gather feedback from your customers. Unless there's an incentive to do so, people don't want to spend their time completing surveys. A chatbot softens the approach to gathering feedback by naturally introducing questions their conversations.

Analyzing customer feedback helps a brand to evaluate its marketing strategy through the insight it has gathered. From there, you can remodel your marketing strategy to become more focused on your customer's needs, thus creating more of an inbound marketing approach.

4. Make Communications with your brand more fun


While it’s not a secret that chatbots can be used deliver quality information to online users, making the conversation fun and humorous can aid nurturing first time users to paying customers and thereafter retain them to returning clients.

Sometimes, brands have to show a fun side during conversations to make the interactions becoming less sales-ish, and reduce rigid replies to customer queries. A great, humorous and “humanized” conversation is critical to generating sales through chatbots.

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