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Service2_image SEO FOUNDATION

Learn the basics of SEO. Start harnessing the power of search engine top ranking to make businesses gain more visibility and go viral.

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This is a comprehensive social media marketing course, Learn everything from Twitter and Facebook to blogging, social media automation and Google+.

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Service2_image WEB ANALYTICS

Learn how to extract insights from enormous amounts of web data to analyse and optimize web usage and improve business solutions and market research.

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With more consumers spending time on mobile devices, Learn how to effectively engage your audience with a course on Mobile Marketing

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Learn how to effectively harness the power of content marketing to build your ideal audience and drive engagement and sales.

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Service2_image PPC MARKETING

Master PPC advertising from the basics. Learn how to earn more with Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter paid per click advertising

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Service2_image Graphics Design

Learn about the Theory of Design, core concepts like the basics of Graphic Design layouts, typography and brand building.

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Service2_image Web Design

Master a range of technologies you will use to develop a high quality website that will be mobile, tablet and large screen browsers responsive.

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Service2_image Email Marketing

Become an accomplished Email marketer. Learn how to build life time customer value by taking this course.

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