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Content Marketing
About the course
A lot of people claim to be copywriters or content strategists these days. But who really is a professional copywriter or content strategist? It is those who have mastered the science in the art of both. Being able to develop novel content ideas and persuasive copies that not only adds value to the brand but also converts is the stuff of the experts. That’s the kind of expert we want to make you.
What you will Learn

Copywriting for Digital Platforms
Developing big ideas for copy and content
Introduction to content marketing
Content Marketing strategy
Overseeing a content marketing campaign
Content Marketing Tactics
Content Marketing Budget and Measurement
Creating long form and thought leadership content
Creating visual content/copy
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo.
Price: ₦90,000 ₦70,000 (Promo Ending Soon).
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays).
Social Media Marketing
About the course
According to Once Upon a Digital Time by LinkedIn, “The great thing about social media is that it gave everyone a voice. The downside of social media is that it gave everyone a voice.” The most important thing for us is that social media, gave everyone a voice. How do we make our voices and the voices of the brands we manage heard amidst the din? And how do we also master the art of listening to our target audience and connect with them when this noise is at its loudest. Finally, how do you not take the “social” out of “social media” like other marketers? Get ready to learn these and many more in this course.
What you will Learn

Introduction to Social Media
Social Media Strategy and Planning
Trendvertising on Social Media
Social Media Influencer Marketing
Social Media Channel Management
Social Media Management Tools
Social Media Measurement and Reporting
CSocial Media Advertising ( with allocated budget for live project)
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo.
Price:₦100,000 ₦90,000 (Promo Ending Soon).
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays)
Media Buying
About the course
There are strategies for planning and buying media. A lot of considerations has to be made about the goals, the brand and the target audience. A media buyer is a grand strategist who knows what should be done, when it should be done and how it should be done. This course will take you through the strategies and tools for digital ad planning. Here are some of the highlights:
What you will Learn

Introduction to pay per click.
Psychology of Search.
Account Hierarchy.
Search Ads and keywords targeting
Increasing reach with display network.
Reaching target audiences.
The buying funnel.
The paid search auction
Setting and measuring marketing goals.
How PPC fits into the digital strategy
Live project (With allocated budget for running campaigns)
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo.
Price: ₦100,000 ₦90,000 (Promo Ending Soon).
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays)
Search Engine Optimization
About the course
Millions of search queries are done on popular search engines on a daily basis, how can your content have a share in this traffic largest? This is where understanding the dynamics of Search Engine Optimization comes into play. Taking into cognizance that a lot of updates are carried out on these search engines from time to time, our SEO course teaches the dynamics of staying ahead in a highly saturated world of search engines.
What you will Learn

Introduction to SEO
Dynamics of conducting SEO Audit
On-Site Optimization
Off-Site Optimization and Link Building
Duplicate Content
Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
Design and Architecture
Local SEO
SEO Tracking and Measurement
Integrating SEO with other Digital Marketing Disciplines
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo.
Price: ₦90,000 ₦70,000 (Promo Ending Soon)
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays)

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