How to create a highly shareable content - The top 10 tips and hacks

Creating a shareable content on Facebook,Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and blogs requires a deliberate and conscious effort by the content creator. To create this kind of content, you will need to appeal to the emotional or rational truth of your target audience. Your customers will connect to a content that has a “big idea” that is representative of their truths and pain points. This “big idea” must come from a place of in-depth insight, Brand connection with the insight and a one-liner-expression that captures the insight-brand connection paradigm. 

A highly shareable content must be educative, informative, advisory and entertaining. Millennials and digital natives are traditionally content sharers. They screenshot, retweet,make memes and trends out of content that are valuable to them but in quality and relevance. 

To make your content highly shareable and viral, these 10 tips will catalyse your readers and audience to distribute it to their downlines and followers and in no time, give your content maximum exposure.

1. Use powerful visuals

Powerful visuals are attention grabbing and help your audience take action that will aid virality of your content. You can find awesome templates for your content visuals at canva.com or create one with Photoshop or coreldraw. You can add a “little bit of display” to your choice of photos or videos that will accompany your content. Ensure your visuals are telling a compelling story.

2. Evoke emotions to stimulate conversations

You must understand that people mostly make buying decisions and share content based on their emotional attachment to a content. Identify the right types of emotions you want to evoke. This can be done by understanding your audience. Techniques that helps evoke emotional sentiments to stimulate conversations and shareable content includes 

  1. Emotional spectrum - Check Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions” 
  2. Create or Identify with a cause, movement or community

3. Add a surprise element

Content with surprise elements are highly shareable because they create a memorable storyline for your audience and the anticipation of this keeps the readers/watchers engaged. Suspense, plot-twists and bump in the road are examples of surprise elements that can aid your content become highly shareable.

4. Republish the content in different formats for various platforms.

Your content must be repurposed to appeal to individual platforms. For example, whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram status are just for 30 seconds, Twitter has a max video length of 2:20 seconds while IGTV can take your video in its entirety. Twitter is optimized for hashtags while you can follow popular hashtags on Instagram. Carousel content can be used on facebook and whatsapp for business status to ensure that your content is precise, simple and easy to share.

5. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Using the 4 Us (Unique, Urgency, Ultra-Specific, Useful), you can craft an attention grabbing headline that will not only make it compelling to read but also prompt your audience to share to their followers, family and friends. Your headlines need to be optimized for Search engines. Use Trends.google.com and answerthepublic.com to ascertain trends and keywords that should be embedded in your headline.

6. Give Practical Value to Viewers/Readers/Listeners

How-to-do, DIY and where-should-go contents have been seen to be valuable to audiences as it helps them practice or get help. Your audience would share content that has been valuable to them and even give reviews. 

7.Use Niched Influencers to widen your reach

Niched Influencers, specialized and well known for a particular market segment, have always been instrumental in campaigns with highly shareable content. Content from these influencers are always seen as highly valuable in their market segments. You can get them to influence their audience to share your content when they amplify it via their platforms.

8. Be funny, Humorous and Entertaining

People share funny content across their platforms organically. Although, brands might take their humor too far and this might become controversial some what. You don’t have to go to a full length “Indaboski” and come with a WWE type smackdown. Just ensure people can laugh and get entertained.

9. Integrate Challenges and Contests

Gamified contests based on the highest number of interactions on shared content have over the years increased the virality of content in a lot of marketing campaigns. Your brand doesn't have to follow the crowd. You can ask your audience to find solution to some kind of challenge and monetize the prize or give other types of values e.g swags

10. Share content on platforms where your target audience are

You have to create the right content for the right customers. Do audience research and understand the platforms where you can find your customers. For example, Fashion design businesses thrive majorly on Instagram. Sharing a content on this on LinkedIn might not produce the desired results.


Try these and share feedback with me laughing

About the Author

Afolayan Daniel is a Content strategist and Program Manager, Digital Academy with Edubridge Consultants Limited. Reach out via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions or you want to share a project brief. Stay safe

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